How the UK holiday trend has come full circle

About This Project

Travelling, seeing the world and taking a holiday have always been an important part of life, but the way people are travelling and the destinations chosen have changed a lot over the generations. When my parents went travelling with their parents, they almost always went on domestic holidays within the UK – and absolutely loved it. The holiday was affordable, easy to plan and somehow more fun, with less worrying and more pleasure in the simple things. They went for road trips, pitched tents and visited many places in little time.


Travelling has changed in many ways since then, with holidays abroad becoming more popular and younger generations having more exposure to international travel destinations due to the development of technology.  People started to search everywhere for holidays and find out what each country has to offer, seeking holidays elsewhere and wanting to cross borders. Soon there were no limits to where you could travel. People went on holidays everywhere in the world, booked their flights, hotels and then only had to dream about the adventurous week ahead of them.


Before the recession, this is the way we travelled around the world, with people becoming more used to being autonomous in booking their holidays and planning their trips. We have more opportunities than ever before… So how is it that in recent years, staycations are becoming “trendy” again?


The economic downturn has had a huge part to play, meaning that people have to work more and struggle to find a work-life balance. People are feeling the need for mini-breaks more often – and these breaks usually turn into a simple, easy and exciting vacation within the UK. People use their short breaks to escape from their busy lives and get out into nature – exploring their own backyard.


The number of staycations is increasing and people are really enjoying their domestic holidays – infact, the simplicity and often nostalgia that comes with holidaying in the UK has become a huge attraction. Parents want to show their children what holidays were like when they were young – and what better way to take a break from busier working lives than to explore the great British countryside?